Client: Dimelo Motor Works – Nashville’s Premier Scooter Repair & Rental Facility

Project Type:  Digital Branding, Website Design, Social Media Marketing


I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Junior Padilla, the CEO of Dimelo Motor Works, Nashville’s Premiere Scooter Repair & Rental Facility for the past two years. When I first started working with this small business, I quickly realized they had some room for growth! They have outstanding customer service and a major market share in Nashville but was determined to grow their business.

At our initial meetings we discussed some immediate changes we could make utilizing social media to build their brand, define their goals and create their action plan. Next, we utilized by “B.I.G. Approach” to social media to allow them to build customer loyalty, inspire customer referrals and grow community awareness. As DMW became more present online and in his customers social media platforms he saw that his business started to boom! Business was so good in fact that he moved into a larger facility in the historic Jefferson Street area in August 2014. Nearly 2 months later, Sheer Goodness is taking his digital brand one step further by launching the Dimelo Motor Works official website at

Dimelo Motor Works is now offering a desktop and mobile responsive website that serves his clients when they are on the go! Need a scooter repair … no worries, just send him an e-mail. Want to rent a scooter … no worries, just submit a request and someone will reply within 24 hours. Looking to maximize your scooter experience … no worries, just request a Dynojet Tuning appointment. The three most requested services are now easily accessible to his clients. Talk about maximizing the customer service experience!

Also, we launched a DMW Store page allowing his customers the opportunity to shop for accessories, custom Dimelo Motor Works merchandise and more on his e-store. Once was previously a very difficult to promote customer benefit is now only two clicks away!

It was a joy working on this project with DMW and we look forward to seeing the continued growth of Dimelo Motor Works!

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